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Thursday, 31st August '17

At a job interview once I was asked what I needed to be able to work the best. My reply was Ribena... (maybe that's the sign that I'd never be a real dev)

I've been working from home for Code Enigma for 3 months now and my list has got a little longer. I spent a fair bit of time working from home when at Torchbox but I never felt I had the time to figure out what it was I needed. I've made this a priority so I can be my happiest and bestest!

Invoking the senses.

I've found my mood is better with fresh flowers - these are from my allotment and I've got an ever growing array for succulents on the windowsill too. I plan to work in a mini houseplant jungle!

Even when I had sweet peas and their luscious scent filling the office they didn't quite focus me enough. This is where my oil burner comes to play, I use this most mornings because I'm still rubbish at getting up and don't seem to wake up until around 10:30 and I swear I'm most focussed in the afternoon, so a few drops of peppermint and rosemary oils helps that process along a bit. (I also have the freedom to plan my days so important work gets done in the afternoons when I focus better -- this helps loads)

Fuzzy head days require all the smells #focus #aromatherapy #senses #wellbeing #workingfromhome

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Then there's a sneaky stash of dark chocolate in my drawer and having music playing loudly, without the need for headphones. I usually listen to some piano music or something kinda mellow but for the first half hour or so I'll listen to something loud and sing-along-y.

...and I've not had a drop of Ribena in the last three months!


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