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Sick Sunny Soup

Monday, 31st October '16

It's that time of year where all the sickness comes out to play and everyone gets overly friendly sharing it with everyone else. I went to work one Friday only to find the office filled with coughs and sniffles, shivers and hot sweats. I wasn't having any of that, so over the weekend I cut out alcohol, sugar and dairy, it was a miserable weekend especially when I woke up Monday morning with a head full of cold and a sore throat.

So I called in sick and I went back to bed. I'm not one of these people who are ashamed to have a sick day. I don't like having to take them but I've learned I have to listen to my body, and that Monday it was telling me to sleep.

When I roused from my slumber around 11:30 I was hungry and in need of soup. So I found all the orange things in the house and blended them into a Vitamin packed bowl of sunshine goodness. Come Tuesday I only had a little snot and scratching in my throat, I thank the soup and sleep.

Firstly here's a tip on garlic

Mince the garlic first and leave to sit for a while. Allicin is what makes garlic a super food, it helps to do many things including to reduce cholesterol maintain bone health.

The active compound allicin only forms when raw garlic is crushed, the breaking of the cells of the garlic. Therefore, the best way to consume garlic is raw, or to crush and cut it and leave it out for a while before you add it to your recipes. Mincing it into a smooth paste will give you the strongest flavour and should result in an increased amount of allicin. Cooking the garlic will reduce the allicin so save 10% of this to scatter on raw just before eating, it magically mixes with the cooked garlic and boosts those health benefits back to when you first cut it.

The Recipe
3 garlic cloves, minced
300g cashew nuts, soaked for 30 minutes
700g carrots, chopped into large chinks
1 orange, squeezed
1tsp turmeric
1 large white onion, diced
1pt veg stock
2 tbsp ginger, grated

  1. Soak the cashew nuts in just enough water to cover them
  2. Heat some oil in a large pan (I used coconut oil) and saute the garlic and onion for 3 minutes
  3. Add in the carrots, orange juice, turmeric and most of the ginger and veg stock (you'll do better adding more stock later than trying to thicken your sloppy soup)
  4. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 20 minutes
  5. Allow to cool slightly, so it doesn't blow up in your blender!
  6. Drain the cashews
  7. Blend the carrots with the cashews in batches, the longer you blend the more the cashews will make the soup creamy
  8. Taste and add salt/pepper or more stock as required
  9. Garnish with herbs, the raw garlic, more ginger if you need it