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Monday, 26th January '15

I'm going to try and live a more handmade life - like I've wanted to for a long while now. So to make the most of my photoshop subscription I've designed a logo which could be used on the things we've made so I can package them up and give handmade hampers for gifts.

So far we've done pretty well with making food things but I've failed a bit at the beauty products I wanted to make for the ladies at Christmas, will have to try harder this year!

We've got pretty much a whole hamper , I just need to get a good cracker made.

  • Cider, with our own apples
  • Chorizo, curing in the sauna
  • Garlic Butter, actually churned by Simon!
  • Goat's cheese, going to try alpaca cheese, as there's a farm down the road
  • Apple and red onion Chutney... again with our apples.
  • and of course the classic fudge.

I've got some good ideas for this years gifts, I just need to be more organised!


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