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A large website

This was my biggest website project to date, a website redesign, involved migrating over ~2000 nodes of content, restructuring and configuring several modules to suit the needs of the client.

Local projects uses openlayers to provide a centralised and dynamic map, instantly modernising the existing content. The use of openlayers means that the map could be focused in on project pages and the data and be organised into different regions for a better user experience.

Training events required Ubercart signup and early bird discounts, multiple users to sign up on one email address and several user discounts depending on membership. Intergrating the signup with PayPal meant that the charities staff has less admin to deal with.

A suppliers list was originally one very large table and had limited room for extra information. Using Drupal I was able to create a content type for each supplier, providing them with a page to rent from the charity, which in turn provides the charity with more money to hire training coordinators. More information was included to the table and the ability to sort and filter the table was just what the charities clients were after.

Simple elements like a scrolling events list on the home page and a slideshow brought the website some life and energy.