Designer with a penchant for arts & crafts. A floral geek some might say!


Bear & Koala Cider labels

Bear & Koala cider label

Last year Simon and I had to move into one of the houses his parents rent out, and although it isn't perfect living arrangements it does have one massive plus side... 3 apple trees and two pear trees! We harvested all the apples we could.

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Chatham house

This is my biggest project to date, and I don't think I'd have got through it if I had realised at the beginning what Chatham House really is and how big they really are! This project had a really short deadline and the pressure was on from day one - but I loved doing it.

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The Federation of Music Services website

The Federation of Music Services home page

EMPRA came to me asking to complete this design for them under short notice. I was happy to oblige. I created a new background image and tidied up the views and other design elements.

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Save the date card

Save the date card for Detta and Ian

The first item for wedding stationery designed for Ian and Detta's festival themed wedding. Taken from the 2007 Reading Festival lanyard cover.

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UK NEA synthesis report and technical guide

After creating a small brochure for UNEP-WCMC I was asked to design and layout both the Synthesis report and Technical guide.

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A large website

This was my biggest website project to date, a website redesign, involved migrating over ~2000 nodes of content, restructuring and configuring several modules to suit the needs of the client.

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Charles Flower Wildflowers website

Charles Flower website homepage

Charles Flower came to naturebureau asking for his information leaflet and order form to be turned into a website. He didn't feel an e-commerce shop was something that his clients would be interested in as essentially they like to talk to him for suggestions.

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