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Yoga: Heart over Hips, Head over Heart

Tuesday, 26th January '16

I've done a few yoga classes but being of a gassy disposition (due to Crohn's) I don't really feel very comfortable when in a class with other people, so over the years I've been looking at online courses. I started off with a few basic classes from Erkhart Yoga which I loved, I followed them on youtube and facebook and read all the articles that were posted. I then got sick and stopped for a while and almost needed to rediscover yoga again. I just hadn't gotten around to it.

I was reading an article about the benefits of yoga for concentration. I've been suffering with the ability to focus for some time now and I'm trying to find ways to improve it, I'm planning on writing another blog post about it... hopefully I can find the time to focus long enough to blog more regularly...

Anyway in the blog post there were links to Yoga with Adriene and I watched a few of the basic articles to see if I could get along with this Adriene woman as a yoga mentor... Yes. I. Can.

Heart over Hips, Head over Heart

I'm really enjoying the way she explains things, the reasons why we do the things we do in yoga and how to get the best out of it. Now I know all yoga mentors do this, Erkhart Yoga was the same but in a much more calm and relaxing way, which is great but for me personally, looking back now, I don't think I was every engaged enough with video to be getting the full benefits. One of the things that have really stood out for me is the saying "Heart over Hips, Head over Heart" for checking alignment. It's made a big difference to how I sit in my chair at work and how I sit when I drive my car. It hasn't stopped me slobbing out in front of the TV just yet but again that's another story and another goal for me to achieve once I've made some progress on the other 852 things I'm trying to improve about my daily life.

I really resonate with Adriene and her attitude to yoga and life in the few videos I've watched. I look forward to trying a new one and developing my skills. If this little saying stuck in my head well enough for me to correct my seating position and to write a new blog post then I like to think that I'm already progressing into uncovering the person that I truly am.