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Next steps

Wednesday, 17th July '13

One of the famous phrases used at Torchbox is 'next steps' well recently I've realised I've spent a year here at Torchbox, got myself a good understanding of some basics but now I really need to learn some more shit. I've got to push myself to excel in what I do, I find that hard working in Oxford and living at home in Newbury but Torchbox has just opened a satelitte office in Bristol and that is where some of my favourite Drupal people are. I've been considering Bristol for a long time, before I started at Torchbox, but never found the right company to work for. Torchbox in Bristol seems perfect for me.

But I have some next steps to achieve before I get that far. I need to improve on my Frontend skills, I want to know all there is about Drupal 8 theming changes and I need to get better at communicating to the rest of Torchbox, so I think my first step will be to make this site D8, theme it better and show Torchbox what I (and D8) can do.

Seeing as content comes first I'm going to be adding some more content, work I've done, things I've learnt/seen and will be working from there.

I've been flapping around for too long. Let's get on with it!