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Drupalcamp Oxford

Thursday, 21st June '12

This is my first Drupal event whilst working for a company that actually cares about Drupal... and me. So I guess I better pay attention to the sessions this time! I'm armed with chocolate and my work laptop. I've marked the sessions I want to go to and I'm looking forward to the entire day. Lets see what nuggets of goodness I can learn.

First up is a session I'm not too interested in but the other session is Johan's and he'll be going through that at TBX Uni so I'll catch it then.

'The Real Value of Open Source: ROI and beyond.' - Jam (Jeffrey A. McGuire).

He is Acquia, and I denied him a lift to drupalcamp... Acquia really won't like me soon! Calling Kieran and drunk and turfing him out of his seat at Drupalcon London and now this! Next up Dries and Angie!! :-/

This session was a good overview of where Drupal is going compared to other companies such as Microsoft. Microsoft support Drupal (and vise versa!) mainly because they see that we are winning and that open source is the future. RedHat being a prime example of how Open Source is doing ok. They made a billion dollars revenue last year.

Facts that keep on cropping up on Drupal is that we are 2% of the web, this is a great fact as only 30% of the web is CMS driven, to be 2% of that is massive.

Drupal is doing well!

It is one of the top 5 largest Open Source projects. Drupal is doing well in government, the White House, the City of London. Education: MIT. Developer communities. the US Military and NASA. Charities: Amnesty international.

One point that he made is that you shouldn't mention that Drupal is FREE... I have made this mistake... when explaining Drupal to a client at my last company I feel I may have dumbed down the point of Open Source too much and set the clients expectations too high on free. The only FREE Drupal gives you is FREEDOM and it is transparent. You can find out ALL the information about Drupal.

Drupal fulfils unique needs as you can change it to suit your needs.

Command-line Drupal - JP

Responsive View outputs - Nathan Lisgo

Mobile is NOT an after thought. Media queries and Views. Nathan and Simon are good sources for Mobile design.

Developing an Oxbridge College site in Drupal - Steve Cowie, Code Enigma

- the way to work with very established companies etc.

Tom, beating the designer into submission.

STYLEGUIDES, wire-framing and working in blocks of information and not pages.

are what you need to work with a designer and Drupal
Styleguide module...