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Have I found my calling? Well here comes a new venture anyway...

Sunday, 16th October '16

Like I said in my last blog post I'd really like to work on my public speaking, especially in the mental health and life happiness areas. I realised that I actually spend a lot of time doing this to my Younique team as part of their training.

After a day of Younique Elite training on social media and looking at the things I post and read for my own benefit I've decided that I could share this more professionally and in more detail to others. I love that feeling of helping others whether it's something small like winging their eyeliner or helping them leave an abusive partner.

So today I've changed my mindset towards how I run my Younique company, it will now be part of something bigger for everyone, it's always been something bigger to me because of all the wonderful things it's done to help me with my life.

I've started with a mailing list to get others, who aren't on Facebook involved and to provide special treats for those who need that motivational boost to their inbox!

So my facebook page is where all the action will be but the newsletter be monthly to start with, I'd love to send it to you so please do sign up.