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New job

Friday, 30th June '17

I thought I'd announce it here, because I really should be a little more active with my blog. I'm three weeks in to a new job! \o/ Web designer at Code Enigma.

There hare been a lot of firsts already and I've had to hit the ground running but it's been a really great start, I'm so chuffed. It wasn't really ever a decision to move to Code Enigma, it was more a life goal. They were the first Drupal agency that I ever considered when I decided I wanted to do Drupal but I never felt that they needed me but NOW! NOW IS MY TIME!

I'm really looking forward to all the upcoming projects in the pipeline and the opportunities now available to me.

I'm going to be at Drupalcamp Bristol this weekend, I'm speaking, CE are sponsoring, and I'll also be at Drupalcon with 10 other CEers!! TEN! How cool is that?!

Also as a bit of a side note, this site is probably looking a bit of a mess right now, I was tinkering with live *shock horror* as I'm planning a redesign. Sorry about the random blocks everywhere! I'll tidy up soon!


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