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Homemade bath

Wednesday, 25th May '16

I've been considering what I put on and in my body a lot more in the last year. I've apparently not been doing well with my concentration and focus on things, even though I've been feeling better than ever and have been trying hard with my meditation. Maybe I've just got to many plans bubbling around in my head, I dunno. I try to write them down as I think of them so I don't have to try and remember them, but others have noticed my concentration lacking so something is wrong.

This concern from others made me look into essential oils again. I had a few different ones when I was younger that I used to burn in a burner. There was a cool shop in town called Sunflower which used to sell loads of them, not all true essential oils, but fun smells for 14 year old kids to burn in their room!

I ordered a bunch that I knew were essentials, peppermint, lavender, tea tree etc. and then decided to look up some others. So when I'm working from home I diffuse some oils to try and make me more alert and aware. This involved a recipe from Essential oil sanctuary

Mix this with the makeup and I started looking at other beauty products ingredients and decided to try and make my own... a quick google later and I was running an Epsom Salts bath. I read a few articles about the health benefits of Epsom Salts but the science didn't really fit, even though I kinda wanted it too. Then I read an article from Pain Science and decided it were best that I just enjoyed the floatiness and nice smells that this bath gives.

What I wasn't expecting is how smooth my sink was afterwards. I did no scrubbing whatsoever in my twenty minutes in the bath, I just enjoyed the moment of calm, drank my peppermint tea and tried to drink a pint of water (I'm rubbish at drinking enough water). When I got out the dead skin flaked off me in almost embarrassing amounts!

I think when I do another bath like this I'll dry brush first and make sure I moisturise all over afterwards... I might even try adding some olive oil for extra moisture. I really like making my own skin care, I'm not sure if it is cheaper, so far I've bought a kilo of both Epsom Salts and Himalayan salts and not got through much of either yet. I made a coconut oil scrub as well to get rid of some fake tan mistakes, it didn't work as well as I wanted it too.


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