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Becoming a morning person

Monday, 19th January '15

I'm 100% rubbish in the mornings, always have been. But it's worse now that my Crohn's has jumped to life and is sucking my energy levels. In an effort to combat it I took up meditation a while ago and as I mentioned before it really is helping but the biggest problem is that I do it at night time. So I thought I'd try following along the Little Green Dot course on How to be a morning person. Lesson one hit my inbox yesterday and it was to write an achievable goal for the next four weeks, I have chosen to wake up earlier so I can make my lunchbox.

I am becoming a morning person so I can make my lunchbox for the day ahead

I'm using this as a two pronged attack to feel good about myself again. I've put on a lot of weight through the steroids I was on and having to eat a lot of processed foods over the last year. I don't like what I see, I don't like that my clothes don't fit and I don't like that I have no energy. Better food will help with that. It will also save me some money, because currently I'm wasting £6-8 a day on crappy lunch from a garage and I simply cannot afford that!

Today I woke up at 7 (a good 30 minutes earlier than usual!) but mostly because Simon got up on the wrong side of bed so that got me up too, but where I'd usually just hide under the cover and pretend the bear wasn't grizzly, I thought it best to get up and out of bed. I made my lunchbox, sang in the car on the way to work, got there 10 minutes early, had some breakfast and enjoyed the wonderful sunrise. I feel good right now. I feel more alive... Just need to hold on to this feeling for tomorrow!


Justine, thanks so much for sharing your progress with your readers. I think your goal is such a well-chosen one. Like many of the food-related goals that people in the community have chosen, it's very simple on the surface but carries a lot of meaning.

Congratulations on achieving your goal today. I'm excited to read how you get along in the next four weeks!

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