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Designing for friends and using the right tools for the job

Tuesday, 6th January '15

I do the occasional print project for friends which means I need Illustrator and InDesign, this wasn't a problem when I was working in the print world, I had a nice shiny valid copy of Creative Suite 2... TWO! I also occasionally break out my camera and try to take some good photos, meaning that photoshop would be rather nice to have.

I've spent a lot of time trying to find other programmes to replace the the Adobe programmes but nothing seems to be that easy to pick up - well maybe my patience isn't great enough to try learning these new programmes. I always seem to be in a rush when needing to do print work so I want something that is second nature to me. Adobe CC just seems the logical answer. Until I have to pay for it.

I usually do these print items for close friends and family members so I get 'the look' when I try and charge more than a couple of hundred pounds, and usually have to provide receipts to back up my price and mostly I feel guilty for charging them. So when it comes to buying Adobe CC for £320 a year it just seems like too much of an expense for me. I've usually paid my month-by-month subscription for as few programmes as I need (usually spending more than the complete package) forgotten to cancel it for the following month and the result is a product I'm also not very happy with.

BAD, BAD JUSTINE. I realised today when talking to a colleague on twitter that I should actually just buy it, charge my family members and close friends more money to cover it, do more little freelance jobs, finish those tasks on my to-do list that need labels or something designed and get my photos in order. So spending a mere £320 to sort my life out, so to speak, surely must be worth it, right?! RIGHT!

So that's it, I'm going to be more design active.


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