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Drupalcamp Brighton 2015

Tuesday, 13th January '15

It was a bit of a last minute decision to go to DC Brighton but I thought I should seeing as work just asked me to do a talk on Drupal Frontend development in D8 and I'm helping to plan that there FEU conf in Bristol plus Morten and Emma would be there to tick things off our to-do list and to discuss some more of the finer things left to organise.

Unfortunately I wasn't too well so I missed some of the sessions but my plans took an unexpected turn and I did a bit of sprinting. Much to the encouragement of Rachel and inspired by Emma who did a fantastic talk on the subject of sprinting. The intention was just to review a patch of Rachel's but someone else beat me too it, because we didn't comment to say we were working on it. (Rule #1!) so I just jumped straight in to patching the reviewed patch. Seeing as at Torchbox we don't really play with patches as we've got a deployment script which does all that for us it was a bit of a brain ache trying to remember how to do those things but I got it done. It's not much but here is my first patch.

It was great catching up with people again & pushing my Drupal contributions a little further

I really enjoyed the bits of Drupalcamp I got to see and can't wait to see the videos of the ones I missed. I got some ideas to take further at work and for Frontend United. Such as getting designers to make simple scrappy html designs - which aren't finished - in any way they want, frontenders make the prototype which starts to compile a component library and style guide - using production ready code. Then the frontend dev can CHANGE THE DRUPAL MARKUP to make Drupal work for you and not the other way round and the designer finishes off the designs. This does take more time on the frontend but the design time should be less. The example was an agency that works with external design agencies so maybe it could be more streamline with everything in-house?

Now I've got to get on with all the Frontend United work to ensure that's just as awesome!

Header photo: Stolen from the background of the Drupalcamp Brighton site. If it is yours, let me know if you're ok with me using it and I'll credit you! :)


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