Designer with a penchant for arts & crafts. A floral geek some might say!


Gotcha: PatternLab + iPad + 100vh

The 100vh issue in on an iPad isn't new news. There are a million different posts about it...

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My desk setup

My office setup

At a job interview once I was asked what I needed to be able to work the best. My reply was Ribena... (maybe that's the sign that I'd never be a real dev)

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Gardening and mental health

So what made me get an allotment this year? Well, Younique did. When you sign up to Y and you start running with it you start to do a lot of personal development, it's frequently said by Elite presenters and those really pushing Y that bettering yourself will better your business.

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New job

I thought I'd announce it here, because I really should be a little more active with my blog. I'm three weeks in to a new job! \o/ Web designer at Code Enigma.

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My talk

Basic design principles for developers.

You already know this, you know what is a good design and what is a bad design. Trust your gut. But how do you trust your gut when you don’t know what it’s saying?

You’ve got to learn the rules!

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